(Stillfully Mediation App available on the Oculus Quest Store)

New Product Press Release

New Product Press Release

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Stillfully is the world’s first meditation app with a unique audio intelligence (AI) algorithm that
adapts to users’ personal preferences with each use. Developed by Mediation And I LLC, the app uses
A.I. technology to create tailored meditation sessions.

The duo-guided virtual reality sessions incorporate mantras and positive affirmations to ease
anxiety and stress. Users can choose from numerous environments and music. Additionally, the app
uses binaural beats in which studies show help to relieve anxiety.

“Stillfully is an excellent tool for people of all ages and ethnicities, particularly for those who
work stressful jobs,” said Vanessa Williams, creator of the ground-breaking app. “Businesses can
also use this fully functional app to provide a less stressful work environment.”

Williams, a mother of four, faced numerous challenges while developing the app. She juggled a
full-time job and attended college while coping with her oldest challenges with Autism and ADHD.
Funding for the project also proved difficult as Williams found few investors. Williams entered the
app into tech competitions and won monetary gifts to jumpstart the app’s production, and now has a
Stillfully version for children in the works.

Stillfully is available for download on the Oculus Quest Store for a limited, one-time purchase
price of $9.99. The app requires the Meta Quest 2 headset available on the Oculus Quest Store and Amazon.
For more information about Stillfully contact:

Meditation And I LLC

Maricopa, AZ